Friday, January 12, 2018

The Little Stranger (2009)

The Little Stranger by Sarah order for
Little Stranger
by Sarah Waters
Riverhead, 2009

Formerly a grand estate built in 1733 in Warwickshire, England, Hundreds Hall has been home to the Ayres family for the past few generations, but as the action of The Little Stranger begins in the summer of 1947, Hundreds Hall is surrounded by an 'unkempt landscape,' and it stands as a 'poor neglected house {that has been} quietly sliding into decay.'

When the nearly forty year old narrator, Dr. Faraday, is summoned to the Ayres estate because of an apparently ill servant girl, he remembers having been there with his servant-class mother when he was a young boy thirty years earlier. He distinctly remembers that parts of Hundreds Hall were off-limits to him because of who he was and other areas had 'the feel of a castle dungeon.' That recollection should have been a warning to him about what was about to happen to him during the coming months....

Spectral phenomena, gruesome accidents, and mysterious deaths lead Dr. Faraday to realize that there is indeed something very dangerous going on at the dilapidated estate....

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  1. I like Sarah Waters' writing a lot, Tim. She's written several historical novels that I thought worked quite well.

    1. Margot, I hope to read more by Waters. Recommendations?

    2. I think Affinity is interesting, Tim. Its focus is the Victorian passion for spiritualism, and I do like the way Waters draws her characters.